What We Do.....


Overwhelming evidence reveals that approximately 85% of a child's life is saved from abortion when the mother is truthfully educated and given options. Ultrasounds are a very powerful tool also. We educate the men also as they need the truth of abortion and the effects on both the woman and man.


Through an in depth, revealing  45 minute presentation, you will be moved, motivated and sometimes shocked! You will learn the truth and what you can do about it, as a church or as an individual. We are spreading the truth through this presentation and providing training materials to duplicate this, all over the world! There is no charge for this life changing, educating and deeply moving seminar designed to equip you to do what you and your church can, to save these innocent children. 


Scripture commands us to protect these defenseless children. Matt 25:45 ...."when you do it to the least of these." Millions of God's children are being slaughtered. "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing." The Word is our guide to all truths.

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A Pro-Life Presentatrion

Founder: Pamela Flanagin

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